Supply Teacher Budget Protection Insurance


Staff Absence Insurance


Supply teacher costs can be unpredictable and exorbitant, particularly at primary schools where there are legal requirements of staffing levels and the price of covering absences is increasing.

Teaching staff are under pressure which is unprecedented in modern times, which can contribute to more frequent absences which are, more often than not, long term.

In the past, where insurance schemes to provide the schools with a fixed weekly benefit to assist with covering these costs, the biggest cause of absenteeism would have been traditional causes such as physical accident or maternity leave.  However in more recent years, stress is the largest cause of absence not just in education, but in all industry sectors.

The insurance products we provide have been developed with your budget in mind.  Not just for the protection you expect form the insurance i.e. replacing a variable, volatile and unpredictable expense, with a fixed premium for the year, but also being priced to be competitive in the current insurance market.


What the policy covers


The Staff Absence Insurance product has been designed to help protect against the financial costs of employing supply teachers due to staff absence following injury or illness.


  • Benefit in the event of an injury or illness;
  • Compassionate and bereavement cover;
  • Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave cover;
  • Jury service cover;
  • Stress related conditions covered;
  • Maximum daily benefit £300 any one person;
  • Maximum benefit period of 250 days any one person;
  • Benefit payments will be made to the school or academic institution.

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