Feature Friday with Octavia : Retail Business Interruption

Welcome to Feature Friday from Bluestone Insurance Services, where each week we speak to an independent local company about the business issues they face.

In January we will focus on the retail sector.  This week Danny met with Octavia in Cirencester.

A trip to see Octavia and the fab team at her magical Bookshop along Blackjack Street in Cirencester is a must experience for any book lover.

Octavia’s Bookshop has been feeding children’s imaginations since 2011 whilst winning many awards along the way.  Their passion for reading and wanting to get children into books gives the bookshop an edge over online and mainstream competitors… and it doesn’t end there!  Book clubs, signing events, ‘Book spas with families’, providing schools with books and the ability to order a book and get it next day into the shop, add to the experience of visiting Octavia’s Bookshop.

Building a business takes time and effort, but what happens if something were to interrupt the business and stop it from trading?  Having Business Interruption Insurance should be a major part of any businesses plan to keep their business operating should the worst happen. Bills and staff still need paying with income potentially reduced.  You may need to look for temporary premises to get back up and running whilst repairs or rebuilding of your premises takes place.

Business Interruption Insurance would follow a material loss and provide peace of mind to the business owner.

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