Property Focus – Flood Insurance from “Floodflash”


Flooding for any business is a major concern and in recent weeks we have seen many areas of the country experience unprecedented levels of flooding.  Sadly, some businesses are unable to recover from such a catastrophe, even if they have appropriate levels of flood insurance in place and for those that do recover, any future flood insurance could be compromised.  In the wake of recent events insurers are likely to review areas deemed to be at risk of flood and could impose substantial excesses or even decline cover.  Thankfully though, should you find yourself in this situation, there is a new solution – FloodFlash.

FloodFlash is new kind of insurance.  FloodFlash payouts are triggered when flood waters reach a pre-determined level.  You as the business owner decide on the water level (depth) and the amount of compensation.  FloodFlash installs a sensor in your property.  Once the sensor triggers, FloodFlash organise the payout – often within a single day after the flooding.



FloodFlash is extremely flexible. It can be tailored to your individual business needs and protection can be secured by a one-off annual premium payment plus a small installation fee for the sensor.

Given the weather conditions we have witnessed flood cover can be increasingly difficult to obtain. FloodFlash is a must have for any business unable to secure flood insurance in the future, or for businesses that would need flood payouts fast.

Please contact us for more information on how FloodFlash can benefit your business.