Ground Source and Air Source Heat-pumps

a picture of an air source heat pump

Gas boilers are being phased out in the future (2025) and there is already a move towards other forms of heating/cooling of which there includes ground source and air source systems.

Ground source heat pumps uses a loop of water filled pipework buried in your garden to absorb or dissipate heat as the ground stays at a constant temperature. This is then passed through a heat exchanger via a pumped circuit.

Air source heat pumps utilise a heat pump (with a compressed refrigerant circuit) which is fitted to exterior of a house and extracts heat from the air using a fan assisted system. It transfers this heat to an internal heat exchanger via the refrigerant circuit.

In order to fit these systems as a business you need to be F-GAS registered due to the high-pressure refrigerants used.

Traditional plumbers are now becoming trained in this field and at Bluestone we can arrange cover for plumbers and HVAC engineers involved in this renewable, energy efficient system.


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