Cyber Liability

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Cyber Liability

The use of computers in our work environments has become common place and yet the risk this new technology poses has been mostly taken for granted, until now.

Many companies feel they are too small to suffer a “Cyber” loss and yet how many have already had a virus emailed to them or a laptop stolen containing data?

Prudent companies will have installed a firewall, anti-virus software, instructed staff not to install any unauthorised programs onto their systems, and have strict access controls to all data.

However whilst these protections and procedures will certainly help, they will not stop a determined attacker or prevent human error.

These incidents are becoming more frequent and aimed at the everyday business not just large corporations.

As a result of malicious attacks or simple mistakes by staff, your company can suffer loss of revenue, loss of data and loss of reputation.

We can provide policies that guide you through what to do in the event of a cyber incident, helping you with a breach of data privacy response, cover for consequential loss and to recover/repair your systems as well as cover for your liability to third parties (liable, slander, breach of trademark).

Quotes can be as low as £300.00, so contact us now for more information or a quotation.

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